Susie DeFord

Literary Articles: 

Charles Simic: Cheerful Pessimist, BOMB May 2010

Kimiko Hahn: Nature vs. Nurture, BOMB May 2010

John Koethe: Ninety-fifth Street, BOMB April 2010

Yuyutsu RD Sharma: Kathmandu Poet in NY, BOMB April 2010

Lynn Emanuel: Mongrelogues, BOMB March 2010

Damian Rogers: Teenage Riot, BOMB March 2010

Catherine Wagner: F*ing Poetry, BOMB Feb 2010

Ten Walks/ Two Talks: From Hiroshige to Harlem, BOMB Feb 2010

Catie Rosemurgy: The Philosophy of Miss Peach, BOMB Feb 2010

Joanna Fuhrman: Funny not Funny, BOMB Feb 2010

Matvei Yankelevich: Poetry Play, BOMB Dec 2009

Poetry Rock Star Eileen Myles, The Rumpus Dec 2009

Alicia Suskin Ostriker: It Ain't Over..., Bomb Dec 2009

Ray Gonzalez: The Literature of Rock and Roll, BOMB Nov 2009

Kristin Naca: Word Eating Bird, BOMB Nov 2009

Fady Joudah: Translating Darwish, BOMB Nov 2009

Rachel Zucker: Poetry Doula, BOMB Nov 2009

Rachel Levitsky: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, BOMB Oct 2009

Maggie Nelson: True Blue, BOMB Oct 2009

Mary Jo Bang: The Bride of Alliteration, BOMB Oct 2009

Cheryl Dumesnil Gets Up, BOMB Sept 2009

Campbell Mcgrath, Survivor: Poetry Edition, BOMB Sept 2009

Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon: The Astronomy of Poetry, BOMB Sept 2009

Matthew Rohrer: Poultry and Poetry?, BOMB August 2009 

Akilah Oliver: Good Grief, BOMB August 2009 

Lisa Birman's Valentine to the United States, BOMB August 2009

The Biographical Helium of Stacy Szymaszek, BOMB August 2009

Ivan E. Coyote: Kitchen Table Chronicles, BOMB July 2009

Barbara Hamby and the Abecedarian Corset, BOMB July 2009

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